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    Mobile Rescue Hand Tools

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    Light weight compact for quick response firefighting

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    Super Waste Processor

    Waste can be turned to something good

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    Rescue Tools

    Easy, Convenient, Effective

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    Instant activation and attractive style


Here in Daimaru we use technology as the main tool to save our environment, with Eco-friendly products that very well care for the environment.


The 25th International Manufacturing Event in Indonesia

       Daimaru SS., Ltd. participated in the largest manufacturing event in Southeast Asia, The 25th International Manufacturing, Machinery, Equipment, Materials and Services Exhibition held at Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia last December 3-6, 2014.

       The fair and exhibition was hosted by Jakarta International Expo and participated by professionals in the manufacturing industry.

       It showcased the world’s leading technology companies with their latest machine tools, precision engineering and metalworking technology products available in the global market today.

       The company executives with their full support and positive outlook in sharing the company’s environmental advocacy. (From left) Daimaru SS Ltd. CEO, Toyonori Sugita; Daimaru Eco, Inc. Marketing Manager, Elsie Marie Takatsuka; Daimaru SS Ltd. Oversea in Charge, Chinami Kondo; and Daimaru Eco, Inc. President, Masakatsu Takatsuka.

Super Waste Processor

       Ms. Elsie Takatsuka showed a brief presentation on the company’s solution for the global problem on waste – the SWP (Super Waste Processor), an innovative Solid Waste Treatment using magnetic power.

Minimize Global Warming

       A group of young environmentalists and journalists listened with much enthusiasm as Ms. Takatsuka shared the company’s environmental advocacy in helping the world minimize global warming through technology offered by Daimaru SS., Ltd.