About Us

Our Company


Daimaru Eco, Inc., opened its doors of operations in the Philippines in January 2014. We are introducing the new and developed technology from all over the world to the Philippines.


Our products are rescue tools, air life jacket, air bag system stretcher, portable firefighting pump and rescue air boat and other equipment that pass the high quality standard. These products are handy that will give immediate rescue at the time of disaster, when time is of essence in saving lives.


What is Daimaru

Our company is a Japanese company that focuses on innovative,eco friendly, sustainable products, life saving vest, and equipment.



State of the Art

We provide high quality products developed and manufactured in Japan with the strictest quality control.



easy, efficient, effective

We are dedicated and we prioritize the safety and saving the life of people. Our company aims to rescue and give disaster response easier, efficient and effective. We offer sustainable solutions with new technology breakthrough.


We Care

We care for the people and our environment. That is why we are taking part in the solution of securing and saving life easier and faster. As, in every rescue operations life is always on the line and every seconds count on saving people.




We will work to create a better environment by promoting environmental awareness and help Filipinos create solutions with the least environmental impact saving the environment and most of all, saving the lives of people.




A technical company bringing high quality and reliable products from Japan and Germany creating and providing sustainable solutions to environmental problems of waste, flood, as well as provide immediate rescue equipment at times of natural and man-made disasters. We will make easy the access to the products and equipment that will solve the issues on waste treatment, supply of drinking water to disaster sites, and rescue tools that will save lives.